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"A tool you will love. I have been very cautious on my diet to control my weight. After using the app for two weeks, I really love it. I have a balanced, nutritious diet and do not constantly feel hungry like before. Instead, I am losing weight steadily while enjoying my meals. I believe I will benefit from the app for my whole life."
May 2015

"I love this app!! It is wonderful to be able to track so much more than fats and calories. We can take this to the doctor and go over the totals of the foods and supplements. I also love the education. Thank you!"
Mar 2015

"Life changing app! This new app is the most comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use all-in-one mobile health application in the iTunes App Store to date. Actionable insights delivered on a fast and fluid platform makes this my new #1 app!"
-Health Industry Pro
May 2014

"Great for micronutrients and more! Since I don't eat much meat, I need to know how I'm doing getting my folate, zinc, and B12, among others. This shows me where my gaps are and what I can eat to fix it."
Feb 2016

"Empowering! My favorite feature is the ability to track not only food and exercise, but a wide array of symptoms as well. One can then compare these in charts under the 'trends' section. I'm much more motivated to make changes based on these trends rather than a book telling me what I should or shouldn't do. I highly recommend it."
Oct 2015

"As a practicing nutritionist and dietitian, I must say this program is far better than any other I have tried. The nutrition scoring system motivates my patients to improve their diet and the daily reports give excellent food recommendations!"
Nov 2015

Select your HealthWatch Goals and personalize your nutrition

HealthWatch Goals:

Nutritional recommendations are based on medical nutrition therapy (MNT) guidelines, the Dietary Guidelines and Dietary Reference Intakes by the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academies. When you modify your HealthWatch Goal, your nutritional recommendations will adjust accordingly. You can always modify nutrient ranges to match your specific needs and doctor's recommendations.

Meal Plan Market and Recipe Hub

Find delicious and nutritious meal plans that match with your health goal. The GB Nutrition Score system ranks meal plans based on your personalized nutrition needs.

Create and share your meal plans. Share your smart food choices with the hundreds of thousands in the HealthWatch 360 community and inspire others!

Search for meal plans by food, cuisine, total calories or health goal.

Share your favorite recipes or try new recipes in the Recipe Hub.
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Easiest tool for logging food, exercise and health symptoms

Go far beyond a simple calorie counter! HealthWatch 360 is a powerful discovery tool that helps you find out how your nutrition and lifestyle impact your health. We have a large database of over 500,000 foods and supplements and the most complete nutrition information. Monitor not only calories, fat, carbs, protein, calcium, sodium, iron, vitamins A and C, but also important nutrients like omega-3, omega-6, potassium, magnesium, zinc, niacin, lycopene, vitamin B12, vitamin D and more.

Daily reports help you achieve nutrition balance


A highlight of HealthWatch 360, your daily nutrition score gives you an objective rating of your diet quality and nutrition balance. A higher score means a healthier diet, a lower score, a less healthy one. The DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, and others that align with USDA recommendations normally score between 90 and 100. Extreme diets or those comprised largely of junk food generally score lower.


This unique feature gives you a graphic view of your overall nutrition. Charts and trends show you what foods contribute most to your calorie, vitamin and mineral intakes, and what foods lead to too much sodium and saturated fat. Are you deficient in nutrients like iron or omega-3? Do you get the right amount of vitamin A or too much from over-supplementation? Get tips on how to improve your nutrition and top food recommendations.


A powerful discovery function. Get 7- or 30-day trends for any time period. Review trends for any condition, nutrient or activity. Trends help you discover patterns and find correlations. For example, you can use trends to discover if vitamin C helps your gums stop bleeding or if omega-3 helps your allergy symptoms. Does reducing salt in your diet lower your blood pressure? The discovery possibilities are endless.

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